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NJ limits police car chases after APP investigation

New Jersey closed a loophole identified in an Asbury Park Press investigation that allowed cops to go on potentially deadly car chases for traffic infractions.

Killer cop’s ‘domestic violence’ known to his department prior to shooting

The Asbury Park Press revealed the secret internal affairs file of a killer cop, which showed his department knew about his “domestic violence incidents” before he fatally shot his ex-wife.

Gov. Murphy signs police reform inspired by APP that stops bad cops secretly switching jobs

After we exposed how cops can strike deals to keep their discipline hidden from future employers, New Jersey passed a law that demolishes those agreements and requires departments to share an officer’s internal files when they’re seeking a new job.

NJ lawmakers pass bill inspired by APP to stop bad cops sneaking between jobs

I convinced two state lawmakers to attend a public forum on police accountability in 2018. They later sponsored legislation that fixed problems we exposed.

New Jersey is moving forward on licensing cops

Following our reporting on New Jersey’s lack of a police licensing standard, the state’s police training commission recommended licensing for cops.

NJ cops might need license, new physical test after Asbury Park Press investigation

New Jersey policymakers consider licensing police officers and implementing a pre-academy physical test for police recruits, following reporting by the USA Today Network.

Bad cops can’t sneak between departments under law proposed after USA Today Network reporting

A lawmaker was inspired to file a police accountability bill following our reporting.

Police misconduct in NJ: State to track bad cops after report, but loopholes remain

The New Jersey Attorney General strengthened police oversight after two of our stories. We exposed how charges by a cop found to have lied ruined one man’s life and sent two men to jail. We also informed a prosecutor’s office a cop they fought to fire was still on the job – and charging citizens they were taking to court.

$1.1 million paid in Tinton Falls cop whistleblower suits

Breaking the news that a town agreed to two huge whistleblower settlements prompted an upset victory in the race for mayor.

EXCLUSIVE: Deal police captain impaired in fatal crash

Working with confidential sources was crucial to breaking an essential local story: a police captain was drunk and on drugs at the time of his fatal car crash.

Deal cop suspended on suspicion of drug use before death

A follow story the next day broke more news about the officer’s past.

Boy describes being locked up, starved by pair

This haunting daily marks the conclusion of a child abuse case, be sure to check out the enterprise piece that reveals how the boy slipped through systemic gaps.

Snow plow operators face storm head on

Rather than reporting a blizzard from the office, this story is told through the eyes of those on the front lines.