Police beat a man escaping a flaming car wreck.

This video won a National Headliner award – third place for online videos 3-10 minutes.

A father died saving his son.

This video won first place in the 2016 New Jersey Press Association awards.

Seaside Heights Mayor Bill Akers shares the story of his son’s heroin overdose death. Part One:
Part Two:
Pat Testa, married for 76 years, holds his wife’s hand as she fades away from Alzheimer’s.
Convicts collected $1 million from a pension system some say could go broke in just a few years, including one currently in prison.
Breaking news iPhone video from the scene of a house fire.
A shark bite didn’t stop Bobby Baughman from pursuing his passion.
An NJTV appearance to discuss reporting on police accountability:
On-camera commentary on two major stories:

Selection from coverage of the trial of a man convicted of killing a sheriff’s deputy.